Fajara Child Park – English version

Fajara Child Park in Gambia

Fajara, a tourist town in The Gambia, West Africa. Between fine hotels and restaurants you will find the forgotten park. Maybe a paradise …
But in the small sheds and abandoned houses from the English colonial times lives the locals, poor and homeless.

It is in Fajara Child Park we are helping the children and their families to a better future, including school and further education, health care, access to daily food for the poorest, as well as general water and electricity.

Approximately 150-200 people are waiting here for and thanking you for your contribution.

Our aid effort is performed voluntarily by a number of people. It is all financed with private funds, with money boxes and monthly donations,. Every contribution counts and is of great value for them.

Would you also like to help to support the project outside from Sweden, please contact us. In Sweden you can do it by paying to our acounts. You find the information on the right column of the page. Mark the payment with ”Fajara”.

The name Fajara was the name of a very well known healer who long ago healed many in this place. In the project, we work for the preservation of experiences from different traditional Gambian healing methods. We support and work together for the development and preservation of the traditions of one of the few today but so important herb medicine care clinic are still available in the Gambia. (Mabatus in the city Karton).

In Fajara Child Park will we allow cultural encounters where music, art, dance and arts and crafts are the basis for the meeting. Besides open event for tourism in the area, we are planning for future trips for groups and institutions from Europe and even special healing trips to Gambia for individuals.

An Afternoon-school for children living under difficult conditions has also started in the park. The purpose of this is to learn the basis of knowledge in different artistic activities. The idea is that we will follow up on the children’s education and give them opportunities so as to implement their future dreams.

School of Fajara Child Park is operated entirely through private initiatives, fundraising and engagement of both local residents living in Europe, in parts of the project, we also cooperate with other help and support organizations.

If you want to know more about the project and maybe also one day want to help us with your skills, economic contributions or just wants to visit us in Fajara Child Park in Gambia, you are welcome to contact us.


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