Trust Words and Dreams

Bild-01_red_1Was founded in 2009 to work with different social ideas and projects that benefit healthy human development, health, well-being based on limited assets and tangible resources.

The activities built on the knowledge and skills through oral transmission (mouth-to-mouth) from a Native American (Toltec) wisdom tradition.

Meetings through different art forms are besides various Healing Techiques crucial in practical operations for a healthier body and soul.




Help us to help

Bild-03_red_1All financing of our operations and projects are entirely based on private initiatives and commitments. We are completely free from political and religious influence and control.

Market Financial obey operations bases on Corporation Ltd, but no dividends, or board fees exist. Expences and costs for advertising, paid administration does not exist in our organisation. – That is how we can help others in the best way.