January, 18th, 2017

Everyone in The Gambia are in my thougths

My thoughts and prayers extend out over the world every day.
Right now, I think especially of everyone in The Gambia and everyone who I met there and I got to know.
My friends, you are in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️
In the picture I am together with some of the children in Fajara Child Park, after we had made paper airplanes together.

– Anna

Annawithchildren_FajaraChildPark_feb 2016










November, 29th, 2016

Toltecian Wisdom

To my Soldier and Friend

To my Soldier and Friend – Audio version

To all Soldiers and Friends with special Love Care and Understanding

Please be honest where ever you are protecting something or someone.

Be a true warrior and be honest about what you might protect.
Do the warrior inside of your heart approve for you protecting by killing and rape human beings and nature with different technical tools and arms?

Soldier be Grateful to the Mother who give you this beautiful life. But also be honest to them. Can you be honest by killing other mothers and children through your actions?

Be honest and follow you Fathers advises. Dear Boy or Girl with arms in your hand. Did he really told you that killing and raping is your way to freedom and dignity as a true human warrior?
Perhaps he just forget to tell you that freedom and peace not includes making violence to others.

Dear Soldier are you walking the way with hate, misery and despair? I mean when you with knives cut your brothers throat or from the air above drop a missile on his house by orders and sanctions from the evilness.

Be honest my dear Soldier and friend. Do you let the Evil forces behind the mask of money into your life, making you kill and rape? Let the sickness in a handful coward men with wishes to be presidents or provincial rulers, decide an rule your life? Why do you listen to them?
Do you really believe that you must do this wars, public street- and school-killings to protect your country or in the name of someone we call a true God?

So Be honest and ask yourself if there exist some ”God” or any ”Country” that really wants you to kill human beings or drive your neighbors out and away from our daily life spaces and cities. Just ask yourself and listen inside your heart and you will have an true answer from a real God.

Soldiers if you really want to kill, yes so do it! But do it real, true and forever. Kill your anger walking to the hills or mountains.
There you can kill and burn all your anger and hate. Just shout it out, kill and bury it in a cave or in some small river.
Kill your sorrows by walk into the woods. Cry it out with help from comforting neighbors like the Wolfs or the Black Panter, (but don’t kill them, just kill your sorrows).
Or go to the sea and kill your sadness together with the Dolphins or Wales. – they also know and understand all about being a real warrior.

My beloved soldier then walk away brave and honest to an better future. Walk hand in hand together with the others soldiers that someone once trained and convinced you to call your enemy.

Walk together in peace and freedom to the place, city, country and world that you and me really deserve.
Start walk as a true warrior with Love and honest Dignity. – This is how you will win the war.

Words from Yours for Ever
Don Agilito del Paz

November, 14th, 2016


Toltecian Wisdom

To my Sister and Brother

To My Sister And Brother – Audio version

This message is especially for you with love from one of your greatest supporter:

Be brave – No president can decide how the wind will blow. Yes we may be upset about whats happens on the stage in this worlds political arena.

But be brave even if you feel disappointed of what they give us in the drama play.
We may wish another actor but the play is still there.
We may wish another director but the playwriter we can not change.So be brave. The hard political tension coming from both East, West and South can not blow away this earth. The wind is cold even when it’s not coming from the North. This makes just more confusion, stress, and fear.

But just wait and see. In the shelter from the ice bear from the polar poles you can follow this crazy play, safe and calm. No one, not even the greatest of all this wolfs can get you from this point of living your truly believes and the wolfs can not take away your true dream.

Do remember to be brave. Don’t lose yourself now for a stupid drama.
Consider that no man can fish the fishes just for eating the money. Perhaps some think they know how to rule a country by eating the power. But in the end they have to shit it all out again.

So be brave and listen to the song coming to us from the mountains. The wind will always blow, but it will also help us to understand that it will be changes where ever you go.
But even so still No president can buy Black Hill mountain from us.

Be Brave and you will see. Feel your heartbeats and just keep on moving. Be grateful for knowing that the wind just help you take away some clouds from the sky so you once again can feel and see a glimpse of the sun.

Words sent to you by
Don Agilito del Paz.


October, 18th, 2016

Our new stage and the new pieces of art on the walls

Thanks to Byefall Mustapha Jassey and Mezi, now our stage is fit for music, and the new pieces of art is on the walls…

Do you wanna see more of their art?
Welcome to Mama’s Team – restaurant and guesthouse – Gambia and look around by yourself.
Hopefully an special vernissage to officially open up the exhibition will be arrange soon…

If you want to buy some of the art, or take part in an art workshop?
Please let us know and we will help you to contact the artists.

Byefall and Mezi is also part of TrustWords Fajara and some of the income from the sold paintings will go direct to the children in the project!
Once more … Thank you guys for your big hearts, great minds and beautiful art! You are great!